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TANJA BRAUN jewelry & padlocks


We believe that the most important and valuable thing in a person's life is the relationship to his loved ones. 


 The experiences and memories with these special people is what remains in the heart and makes alive. 


Therefore arise in our studio in Heidelberg jewelry and love locks that reflect these relationships and their uniqueness.  

Wonderful gifts for your loved ones for special occasions or just to say "You're important to me".  

Each piece is lovingly and individually engraved by hand - without stencils and templates. This creates unique pieces, that show special vividness and carry a manuscript , in the truest sense of the word.  


We place particular emphasis on high quality our selected materials: 

Silver, pure aluminum, pure copper, stainless steel, vegetable tanned leather 

and high-quality brass / steel locks of selected manufacturers,

  to ensure continued enjoyment of our pieces, someday they tell their own story.

Two engraved love locks  

                    Made from heart ... thought for eternity ... 


Jewelry ... individual and unique ... personal and livelily ... like you and your loved ones.


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